What Political Blogs as all about

Before diving into this issue, let us explain or define the meaning of 5 so as to help us assimilate what we are talking about. Therefore we say that politics simply implies the theory and practice of government especially with the activities of governing with obtaining legislative or executive power with forming and gaining organizations connected with government. Furthermore, blogs are avenues through which governments say their views. Blogs is the means which governments air their views concerning the welfare of her society. Visit Encarta dictionary. It is like a website where the government informs the society what they are to do in the near future. Pause a little and ask yourself why this is of paramount importance? Yes, over the years, the government has been embarking in some forms of governance or the other that will benefit their citizens because they have them at the back of their minds.

In this avenue they will let their citizens know some of the things they are to gain if they put them into consideration. This is where they will also list out the things that will make them good leaders or rulers. That is when some will promise you heaven and earth or that they will construct good roads for their citizens, give free education, pipe borne water, electricity, hospitals, and provide job or employment for any who votes for them. Some of them will also go as far as mentioning some of the flaws and limitations of those who must have ruled in the past and how it affected the lives of people whom they are ruling.

Moreover, they will also go as far as getting those that will campaign for them in many places and also promise them a huge amount of money which they will give them if they accomplish what they were asked to do. It might interest you to know that they will also welcome the views of people concerning the issue at hand. But sad to say that some while carrying those activities out might kill one another or wound others during those times. Yes, that is also another way of telling people how to actualize some of the governmental laws as well as implementing them. Of course, the legislative role is to make laws that the citizens will obey, the executive administer the law, while the judiciary implement the law so after stating out why they should be voted for, they will as well tell you what they will do for any who vote for them. All these are their postings on blogs for masses to peruse and subsequently cast their vote for them. Visit en.wikipedia.org.

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