A flaw simply refers to a physical disfigurement that prevents something from being totally perfect and detracts from its values. From the foregoing, can we rightly say that 4 have flaws? Yes, even without been told, starting from the onset, on the website or blogs, which politicians will post information about what they want to do or want people to know, there might be mistakes either from the resource person himself or those that work for him. Sometimes, people who got that information might fake them and put it in such a way that it will suit them.  Come to think of the qualities that they must have listed out which they possess that will enable them to actualize their objectives. In fact to be frank, most of them do not live up to expectation and as a result, it affects those they rule. So this has made a lot of people not to trust them again when such times come even if it is someone they know that will do better, they will quickly loose their confidence because of the demeanor of others.

However, what about their empty promises on blog, which they will not bring to actualization. Those to whom they used for the campaign, they will just dump them, without even paying them the money which they promised to pay. Such things are just fallacies. Those who are their opponents will castigate them for the things they say and even tell others whom they know and not to listen to them. At the end of the day, they will lose. Unfortunately, blog can also be used to circulate false information thereby abusing the minds of the masses. The truth as a matter of fact, is that most political blogs are based on information coming from the right source. Sometimes, blog creates room for the members of the organization to vote for the opinion of their choice thereby promoting the politician who is behind such opinion. This is called opinion pool. Also, visit

It is very important to know that many countries these days are adopting the method of political blogging in order to make their individual views known to the masses. Visit Political blog is into two categories. The first is the blog written by the politician in question while the other is a blog designed by blogster. Whichever way, blog still talk about the minds and opinion of people either directly or indirectly involved in the political affair. In so many countries, blogs are very effective and go a long way in determining what happens as well as what is happening.

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