Political Blogs and Its Effects

2Politics is a necessary tool in determining governance today. In the countries of the world, in organizations and in every committee whatsoever, politics is always the key factor in selecting the set of leaders at every point in time. There are so many routes through which leaders are made. Some are merely nominated while some must have to pass through the process of campaign in other to lay hold on these political positions. Also, the strategies used by each politician should not be under estimated as there various means through which they make their intentions known to the people they are about to govern. Some go about canvassing for followers an also delivering manifesto whereas many others in the recent time go for political blogging. Political blogs are internet channels through which politicians make their intentions known to the masses.

They also use this medium to sensitize the people on what plan the government has at present or the detail information on what is going on in the government. It is also a medium through which most politicians criticize the government in power and at the same time thrown light on what should be done instead. Visit en.wikipedia.org/wiki/political_blog. Political blog is into two categories. The first is the blog written by the politician in question while the other is a blog designed by blogster. Whichever way, blog still talk about the minds and opinion of people either directly or indirectly involved in the political affair. In so many countries, blogs are very effective and go a long way in determining what happens as well as what is happening. In U.S.A for instance, blog is a very powerful tool which are used in the political campaigns. Most politicians use it as a channel of circulating current information about the governance.

Unfortunately, it can also be used to circulate false information thereby abusing the minds of the masses. The truth as a matter of fact, is that most political blogs are based on information coming from the right source though, the former is still obtainable. Sometimes, blog creates room for the members of the organization to vote for the opinion of their choice thereby promoting the politician who is behind such opinion. This is called opinion pool. Also, visit www.leftfootforward.org. It is very important to know that many countries these days are adopting the method of political blogging in order to make their individual views known. Though, there are a lot of critics but these constructive criticisms helps in the betterment of the organization or country at large.

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